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Widecap Settings
The options you can specify here are:
  • Run with system startup
    - WideCap will be started automatically with system boot.
  • Show friendly proxy errors via HTTP
    - if this option enabled all proxy errors will be shown in your web browser. Of course if you're working with web. Like this:
  • Use non-official tricks to travserse UDP
    - some proxies allows to assign a null src-address with opening UDP tunnel. (For example 3proxy or similar). You can try with this option if you unable to traverse UDP via the NAT.
  • Show proxy errors
    - Show or not the proxy errors. You can choose showing in the message boxes or in the balloon which will appear at the right bottom corner of the screen.
  • Show "new updates available"
    - Show or not baloon tooltip informing about new update.
  • Hide window instead of close
    - With this option enabled WideCap will hide after you press the [x] on the window.
  • Run WideCap control panel minimized
    - WideCap control panel will be run minimized
  • Add "via WideCap" to proxified programs
    - Adding of the "via WideCap" string for easy detection is application proxified or not.
  • Proxy storing policy
    - The proxy storing policy. By default all proxies are stored in the registry. It might be insecure, so you can store all your proxy chains in the external file.

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