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Proxy chains
Widecap supports creation of different chain lists. Each chain list has a name in which you can add, modify or delete proxies. WideCap has a special chain named "Unused". It can be used for example as main accumulator list for imported proxies or adding new proxies from the places without chain affinity (for example from the main menu)
  • If you plan to traverse UDP protocol - be sure to have at least one SOCKSv5 proxy at the end of chain. Otherwise UDP traversing will be impossible. It is really important to games and VoIP softphones
  • If you behind the NAT - you can traverse UDP only if the SOCKSv5 proxy runned at your gateway. However some SOCKSv5 servers supports "UDP's null src-address association" (3APA3A's 3proxy for example), so you can try luck with enabling "Use tricks to traverse UDP" in the WideCap Settings panel
  • Do not put LAN proxies between the Internet proxies. Proxies from the Internet WILL NOT access your internal proxy and connection will be failed.

In this window you can do everything with proxies: add, modify, delete, ping, check, detect type, move proxies in the list for using order or assign to another chain.

When testing proxies you can also remove failed proxies from the list (which has red status)


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