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Chain tab
On this tab you can specify the proxy chain. You can create new if no chain exists. Rules with empty chain specified are valid (for example if you need just traffic speed shaper).
You can add, edit or delete proxies by pressing the buttons under the list or use keyboard keys INS for adding, DEL for delete, CTRL+UP for moving proxy up in the chain, CTRL+DOWN for moving down, CTRL+V or SHIFT+INS for pasting proxies from the clipboard.
You also can import proxies from external sources such as text files or URLs, check them or detect their type.
Proxy popup menu Proxy checking
The check boxes near each proxy is meaning "proxy in use". That means you may have huge proxies list but active proxies that you're working via is only two or three for example. The options related for proxy using are:
  • Use next proxy in list if current is non working
    - if the first proxy is not responding (e.g. connection timeout) will be used next proxy and current will be marked as "non working" i.e. excluded from the active proxy list. However proxy won't be deleted itself. And furthemore after configuration reloading it will be tried again.
  • Allow direct connection if proxy is non working
    - by default WideCap prohibites connection if proxy is broken. Enabling this option will cause direct connection to destination host.
    BEWARE: your anonimity might be compromised!
  • Choose random proxy in each connection
    - if this option enabled, WideCap will choose random proxy in each connection from the proxy chain. Will be used only ONE proxy WITHOUT proxy chaining.

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