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The WideCap program was created as `extended` version of FreeCap program. But WideCap IS NOT a new FreeCap version.
Main advantages of WideCap:

System integration - WideCap is fully functional Winsock Service and Namespace provider. That means simply integration into your network subsystem. Forget about this ugly FreeCap's injection, needle to run all programs throught FreeCap, possible errors and incompatible with some firewalls and anti-viruses. WideCap acts as virtual network driver covering all your TCP/IP activity. No launchers - just run your program as usual and work via proxy.

New proxy engine - fully rewritten proxy engine taken from the FreeCap to handle reloading everything on-the-fly. No more program restarts after changing the proxy chain or Widecap configuration. Plus boosted perfomance with proxies handling.

Flexible rules configuration - you can configure individual proxy chain for each program. Same as exceptional network addresses for working with proxy or just direct. And even you can configure program's local DNS cache, proxy choosing politic, connection speed or traffic limitation!

Built-in proxy checker - which allows you to test proxies and detect their type.

Proxy import - from the external sources such as text files or URL. It's also supported perl compatible regular expressions!

Traffic logging - for examing what exactly program send to outside world.

Skins - customizable user interface.


WideCap program, WideCap site and main logo are copyright © 2003-2007 by Max Artemev. All rights reserved.