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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does WideCap support Windows Vista?
A: Yes it does
Q: Does WideCap support x64 platforms? (Windows Vista 64 / Windows XP 64)?
A: Well, not tested since I don't have x64. But I'm thinking - it should work. And should works under 32-bit emulation.
Q: What OSes WideCap supports?
A: WideCap supports Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista
WideCap does not support Windows 95/98/ME (Not tested though, so correct work ain't guaranted).
Q: I have a big lag when attempting to connect to some site. I have no DNS and I'm using "remote" name resolution. How to fix it?
A: Disable the "DNS-client" Win32 service. Right click on My computer -> Manage -> Services
Q: I can't proxify Internet Explorer under Windows Vista. The application appears in the "Statistic" window, but it sayes "No" for "WideCap Handling". I've configured proxification correctly - others are working.
A: This is due the "Protected Mode" of IE7. There are two possible solutions. Open the "Security tab" in settings of IE. Uncheck "Work in protected mode" and restart IE. You may also disable User Account Control (UAC) subsystem of Vista.
Q: What's hardware affinity will be? Do I need to re-activate WideCap after Windows re-install or hardware replacement?
A: The affinity will be to the system drive (e.g. disk C:). So if your system HDD says "good bye" you need to re-activate WideCap. Otherwise it isn't nessesary.
You may to save [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Bert's Software\WideCap] registry path and restore it after the Windows' upgrade or reinstall. The serial code will be valid in this case.
Q: I've installed WideCap, but nothing is proxifying at all. What's wrong?
A: Is WideCap activated?. Activation procedure described in the help
If WideCap activated possible reason you did not define the rule for system or application.
Q: My TCP/IP stack after Widecap uninstalling seems to be broken. What's wrong and how to fix it?
A: Sometimes it can happen. The reason may be in built-in system security which allows to delete file and denies to make changes in the registry - for example unistaller may read but unable to write into the registry. So, after the next system boot you'll see "unable to create TCP/IP socket" when trying to access the Internet. How to fix: for the first - DO NOT DELETE ANY OCCURENCES IN REGISTRY OF `WIDECAP` MANUALLY. Since you may delete the entries of Winsock Services Providers chain. And if you'll do - be prepared to reinstall your system. In the Widecap installation dir find the LSP_INT.EXE file and run it in the CMD box with parameter "-u" i.e.:
C:\Program Files\Widecap>inst_lsp.exe -u
In that case if any errors occurs you'll see it. However, if inst_lsp.exe unable to uninstall correctly you can try the LSP Fix tool.
Q: Does WideCap support NTLM authorization scheme?
A: Yes, it does.
Q: What kind of traversing WideCap does?
A: Using WideCap you can traverse only TCP or UDP connections. But UDP only via SOCKSv5, only via one proxy, and without NAT in the middle. Others protocols (such as icmp, igmp etc) unable to traversing by architecture and RFC restrictions.
Q: After the proxy checking I've got that all proxies are broken. And the system event log reports about "EventID 4226: TCP/IP has reached the security limit imposed on the number of concurrent TCP connect attempts". What's wrong? I have Windows XP SP2.
A: It's problem related to WinXP SP2 users (and possible Win2003). In this systems the TCP/IP driver has a limitation for concurrent connection attempts. Limited to 10 concurrent connection attempts. Unfortunately there's no registry key to fix this but patch exists. Read more about Event ID 4226 + patch
Q: What kind of proxies WideCap supports?
A: WideCap supports SOCKSv4, SOCKSv5 and HTTPS.
Q: Will work TheBat, WebMoney Keeper, Outlook, etc...?
A: Yes it will. Since there's no "injection" so programs will work as usual.
Q: Does WideCap have embedded SOCKS/HTTPS proxy?
A: No, it doesn't.
Q: Why UDP traversing doesn't work through NAT? (or: Why UDP chaining is not possible?)
A: Because in UDP traversing I should know what port will be used as 'source-port' of the outgoing datagrams. If there're NAT in the middle, I unable to know it. it's ideology of NAT -- modify packets with setting new src-port for matching with IP in the internal tables when packet will arrived from Internet. This is also a reason why UDP 'chaining' is not possible through set of SOCKSv5 servers.
Q: My FTP doens't work! Connection with server is ok but I don't see any directory/files!
A: You should enable "passive mode" in your FTP client. Check out documentation to your FTP client.
Q: Who has drawn the fox?
A: The WideCap's author :P

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